Unique collection of letters from artist couple John and Ester Bauer published – Jönköpings läns museum
Sarah Billengren, ansvarig för projektet med avskrifter av familjen Bauers brevsamling.

Unique collection of letters from artist couple John and Ester Bauer published

Publicerat: 15 maj, 2019

From now on the public can take part of the written words of John Bauer and Ester Ellqvist-Bauer. Jönköping County museum is publishing the large collection of letters that the artist couple left behind, along with easy-to-read transcriptions. As of now, more than 40 originals are available, and new ones are published every week.

The letters themselves reflect the time the Bauer family were part of and provides a new image of their eventful lives and their complex personalities.

Close to 970 letters, written from the 1890?s until the family´s tragic death in 1918 are included in the collection. The correspondence concerns both those between John and Ester, as well as those between themselves and their parents, siblings, distant relations and friends.

Sarah Billengren, project manager:
-The letters are often rich in content and well-detailed. As a reader you´ll feel incredibly close to the characters of John and Ester; their thoughts, dreams and feelings. Their words also give you access to what their relationship toward one another and to those closest to them looked like and how they developed over time. Everyday life and poetic manifestations of emotions are closely intertwined, and historic events such as the First World War and the Spanish flu are depicted through the eyes of those who experienced it firsthand.

The collection has been donated to the museum from various individuals in different turns from the 1970?s and onwards. By making the letters available to a larger audience, the museum now wishes to complement the image of John and Ester´s personal lives and their artistry.

Comprehensive work for the museum specialists

Henrik Johansson, archivist:
-The project is expected to take at least three years to carry out. The handwritings are difficult to read, and the transcripts therefore makes it possible for more people to take part of the letters, which are requested both by authors, filmmakers and researchers. Some original letters also contain unknown sketches and drawings of John Bauer.

The material is published online on the website Digitaltmuseum.se ? so far there are more than 40 letters available and new ones are published every week. Click here to access the museum´s page on Digitaltmuseum. There you´ll also find photographs from the Bauer family and several of John´s most famous artworks.

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Henrik Johansson


Porträtt av Åsa Rosén, kommunikationsansvarig
Åsa Rosén



Letter from John Bauer to Ester Bauer.