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Sagas svärd har röntgats

Publicerat: 22 okt, 2018

Nu har vi fått de första röntgenbilderna på svärdet som hittades i sjön Vidöstern i somras. Det finns flera intressanta detaljer som framträder, dels kring svärdsfästet med en karakteristisk svärdsknapp i änden, dels själva klingan som avslöjar intressanta mönster, vilka kommer ge en del svar på hur det är tillverkat.

Vi har bett Paul Mortimer och Matt Bunker, experter på svärd från den aktuella tidsperioden, att titta på bilderna. De har generöst delat med sig av sina kunskaper och skriver följande:

The blade pattern does seem to change at about a third of the way down the blade, which is interesting and unusual but not unknown. The blade probably has at least two layers, with a similar pattern on the reverse, although it is difficult to determine without seeing a cross-section, or an x-ray from the other side. It is a product of a very competent smith and executed with some precision.

Matt and I think that it is probably dated to around the mid-sixth century judging by the shape of the hilt assembly, although sometimes swords were deliberately made to look older. Of course, conservation will reveal more details. Unfortunately, although I have built up a catalogue of blade patterns found in England, so far there is not enough data to begin dating blades by their patterns, although almost all of the most complex — that is with four central rods or more (as this is) seem to come from graves dated to the 5th to 7th centuries — at least in England. By the way, each rod appears to have seven layers of alternate ’bright’ and ’dark’ alloys. Usually the smith will place the lowest carbon alloy on the top and bottom layers of the rod as they tend to resist oxidisation a little better than the brighter and higher carbon alloys.

 It is a great find.

 / Paul Mortimer and Matt Bunker (editors of the forthcoming book ”The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England from the 5th to 7th century”)

Konservering och analysarbete fortsätter…….

Mikael Nordström

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Röntgenbilder på Sagas svärd. Foto: Västarvet. Studio Västsvensk Konservering, SVK