In the shade of an apple tree - craft ideas – Jönköpings läns museum

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You need:

  • Some apple pips
  • A plant pot, approx. 10 cm high
  • Potting soil

Do this:

Apples that have been stored all winter have the best pips.
Soak the pips for a couple of hours in lukewarm water.
Fill a 10 cm high pot with good soil and plant the pips 2 cm deep.

Cover the pots with plastic bags to keep the soil moist,
but remove the plastic as soon as the shoots appear.
Shoots are the first sign of green showing in the pot.

It takes around 1 to 2 months before you can see the shoots,
slightly less if the pot is in a warm place.
Don?t let the soil dry out, because then the shoot will die.
But too much water and the shoot will rot.

When the plant has become around 10 centimetres tall,
it’s time to repot it into a bigger pot.
Move your apple tree into the garden when the weather permits.




You need:

  • 2 apples
  • 1 potato
  • Paint, for example liquid poster paint, or textile paint if you want to print on fabric
  • Paintbrush
  • Something to print on

Do this:

Cut 2 apples in half. One apple is cut lengthwise and one crosswise.
Cut 1 potato in half. Cut out a leaf shape and a stalk shape.
Let the templates lie to dry with the print surface up.

To avoid the print ”leaking” through put some cardboard under the material you want to print on.

Dip the apple in paint or apply paint on it.
Print however many apples you want.
Continue with leaves and stalk if you wish.

Let dry.

(If you use textile paint, this may need fixation. Follow the instructions on the tin.)




You need:

  • Simple wire coat hangers or roll of steel-wire
  • Pliers
  • Apples

Do this:

If you are using a wire hanger
Squeeze together the horizontal parts of the hanger;
the ”trouser part” with the top.
Use pliers if you want.
Spike an apple on each end.
Fold up the ends to prevent the apples from falling off.
Spike another apple on the hook of the hanger.
If you want, you can hang a tallow ball
between the two bottom apples.


If you are using a roll of steel-wire
Using pliers, cut off around 40 cm wire.
Make a spiral or loop
at one end of the wire.
Skewer a few apples onto the wire.
Bend the other end into a hanger.

If you wish, you can decorate your apple stick by threading a wooden bead onto the wire before pushing on your apples.